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About Us | Clarity Fearless Birth - Birthing Classes Melbourne

About Us

The experienced team at Clarity Fearless Childbirth are passionate about equipping you and your partner with the most practical and diverse collection of Ante Natal skills and knowledge available.  


Our aim is for couples to establish their own ideal birth goals, to feel empowered to reach these through their preparation and equally prepared to make different, informed choices on birth day should circumstances change.  Ultimately, we would hope that every labour and baby’s birth can be perceived by the parents as having been a positive experience.

Our educators have all received foundation training as accredited HypnoBirthing Practitioners by the HypnoBirthing Institute. In addition, we bring to our courses a broad range of personal skills and qualifications and believe in engaging in plenty of Ante Natal professional development to continue evolving what we offer our clients.

The Clarity team have all given birth multiple times using the key skills we promote in our classes. Clarity Fearless Childbirth was established in 2009.


Initially sceptical, I have since become convinced of the benefits of hypnobirthing. I have seen it empower women and make them confident of their ability to face the challenge of childbirth in a positive manner. Though not a panacea for pregnancy complications, it equips them to deal with the birth process as well as the events before and after. I now actively recommend the course to my expectant parents.

Dr Sophie Leong Obstetrician/Gynaecologist


Clarity Educators


Melissa Latham

Melissa is an extensively experienced educator who has worked with hundreds of couples since 2008. She enjoys explaining the process of birth and equipping couples to experience it in a positive, gentle and personal way.

As well as holding a Bachelor of Education degree and being an Accredited HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Melissa has completed courses in massage therapy, NLP and calmbirth. She is currently studying to become a Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling.


Kylie Cummins-Trollope

Kylie is a psychologist with a specific interest in children and families. She completed a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology in 2000.

Inspired by personal experience, Kylie underwent training to become a childbirth educator. She is committed to helping others to enjoy calm, confident childbirth and believes in the power of deep relaxation and hypnosis to achieve this.

Nicole Pawley- Reddington

Nicole is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a mother of 4 gorgeous children. She has personally attended various childbirth preparation courses which have provided her with unique insight into what is valuable and effective.

Nicole integrates a passion for birth preparation in a comfortable and very well informed style.


Brigit Esselmont

Brigit holds a Masters in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons). Through her professional experience Brigit brings to Clarity well-developed skills in adult learning and workshop facilitation.

After a wonderful first birth in which she felt relaxed, calm and at peace throughout as a result of using relaxation and breathing techniques, Brigit trained to become an accredited HypnoBirthing educator. She feels blessed to be able to share the possibility of positive birthing with other parents.