"What will YOUR Fearless Childbirth look like?"

"Picture yourself reclining in a field of your favourite flowers. Your eyes are gently closed and your whole body is awash with relaxation. You feel an extraordinary sense of wellbeing. As a sensation in your abdomen builds, you begin to breathe deeply with calm and control. Your partner is gently caressing your arm, warmly encouraging you, reinforcing the confidence you have both developed over the weeks. Your baby is almost here."

About Us

The experienced team at Clarity Fearless Childbirth are passionate about equipping you and your partner with the most practical and diverse collection of ante natal skills and knowledge available.  

Birthing Classes

  • Courses are designed for attendance by expectant couples or a pregnant woman and a chosen birth companion.


Make a booking with us. Choose from Group or Private Classes. Centrally located in Richmond.